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I've been up to a lot lately.

After school on Friday, Evan called me and wanted to know if I wanted to go to some record stores with him, James, Kailyn, and Rob. Of course I said yes. First we went to Record Exchange because for some reason, Evan actually likes that place. Anyway, after that we went to Bent Crayon. I wasn't in the post-rock mood, so I didn't really look. We went to My Mind's Eye last, and I decided to pick up The Black Dahlia Murder - Miasma on vinyl, because they were only selling the cd version at the show. I was happy with that. Evan had to go to band or whatever, so the rest of us just got dropped off and we said we'd get back together in a bit.

After about half an hour, James asked me if I was ready to get picked up. James, Rob and I went to Mike's house. He got his new computer room done; it looks rad. We hungout in his basement for awhile, then we went outside. By this time Mike Camera and Matt Sisson were here. Some people played football, some played basketball, some played Gameboy, and some pretended to be in a hardcore band.

At about nine pm, we had to leave Mike's house. We were meeting up with Brianna, Kelly, Catie, Kailyn, and Emily later, but they were still at dinner. We went to the lake as a impulse decision. We just hung out and did more pretending to be a hardcore band. Mike Camera took a picture with his camera phone of me and Mike Sobeck, and it's really funny.

Eventually we got a call from one of the girls, and it was decided that we'd go to Brianna's house. We got there and her parents were not yet home.
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