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fromtheoceans' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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[12/15/05; 10:11pm]
Lately I've felt like ruining everything.
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[10/31/05; 04:20pm]
I feel like running away right now.

I wish I had somewhere to go.
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[10/24/05; 07:01pm]
Last weekend ruled so hard.

Friday = extreme crunk sesh.
Saturday = others were crunk, but I just chilled.
Sunday = hang out.

I have bought over 125 dollars in records in the past week. I'm loving it.

This weekend is going to fucking rule.

We'll stay friends forever. [10/17/05; 11:38pm]
I haven't taken my contacts out for three days. I think that's bad. It doesn't hurt, and they are too much of a pain to take out and put back in so whatever.


Tomorrow I'll be recording vocals to the new rottinghumancarcass song. Andrew and I have been creating some gnarly e-grind, and it's ruling.

Other stuff is going on too, but I'm pretty tired. I'll write later, maybe.
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[10/15/05; 01:44am]
I really want to watch a well done anime series right now.

Damn you Adult Swim for not airing on Fridays.
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[10/14/05; 02:43pm]
Three days.
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CARNAGE. DEMISE. [10/12/05; 07:03pm]
So much going on.

I got accepted to The Art Institute of Pittsburgh on Monday.
New grind band.
Insane party on Saturday.
Drama. (As a result of the party.)
Bought a guitar.
So much music.

Pretty much everything is ruling except the drama, but I seriously don't even care. I have skipped so many classes over the past two weeks. Who cares?
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Weekend. [10/2/05; 12:43pm]
I've been up to a lot lately.

After school on Friday, Evan called me and wanted to know if I wanted to go to some record stores with him, James, Kailyn, and Rob. Of course I said yes. First we went to Record Exchange because for some reason, Evan actually likes that place. Anyway, after that we went to Bent Crayon. I wasn't in the post-rock mood, so I didn't really look. We went to My Mind's Eye last, and I decided to pick up The Black Dahlia Murder - Miasma on vinyl, because they were only selling the cd version at the show. I was happy with that. Evan had to go to band or whatever, so the rest of us just got dropped off and we said we'd get back together in a bit.

After about half an hour, James asked me if I was ready to get picked up. James, Rob and I went to Mike's house. He got his new computer room done; it looks rad. We hungout in his basement for awhile, then we went outside. By this time Mike Camera and Matt Sisson were here. Some people played football, some played basketball, some played Gameboy, and some pretended to be in a hardcore band.

At about nine pm, we had to leave Mike's house. We were meeting up with Brianna, Kelly, Catie, Kailyn, and Emily later, but they were still at dinner. We went to the lake as a impulse decision. We just hung out and did more pretending to be a hardcore band. Mike Camera took a picture with his camera phone of me and Mike Sobeck, and it's really funny.

Eventually we got a call from one of the girls, and it was decided that we'd go to Brianna's house. We got there and her parents were not yet home.
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Show. [10/1/05; 03:01pm]
On Thursday Jason and I went to the Into The Moat, Cephalic Carnage, Between The Buried And Me, and Black Dahlia Murder show. Two crazy death/gore grind bands opened. I didn't catch the first one's name, but they were pretty rad. After that Mutilated played. I wasn't digging them as much, but they gnarly so it was okay. They introduced one of their songs this way; "This one's about when a hot chick dies and everyone lines up at her casket to blow a load on her face...it's called Bukkake Funeral." Hahaha.

Cephalic Carnage was on after that. Wow. I didn't really think I liked them before this, but they blew me away so hard. It was an amazing set. I had a lot of fun with it. One of the guitarists was putting so much energy into it. Everyone was just having a lot of fun. It was such a good vibe during their set. Someone had glow sticks (haha) and eventually one got smashed on the ground, so the ground wsa covered in that glow in the dark liquid stuff. It was crazy. Anyway, they totally ruled.

Between The Buried And Me was next to play. One of the guitarists has a ruptured disk, so he played the show sitting down. I'm glad they decided to continue on with the tour even through that. They announced that Into The Moat's van broke down the night prior to this show, and they couldn't make it. I was bummed, but it's understandable. They started off their set, and everyone was getting into it. It was odd, because last time I saw them, it was at the same venue and it was only about 2/3 as many people (or so it seemed). I guess with new albums comes new fans. They played great. I had more fun last time though, because it wasn't so crowded and not as many jackasses were trying to "hardcore dance" to it. (Come on now guys. Go to a Terror show if you want to do that shit.) They played great though, and I had a lot of fun.

Black Dahlia Murder were the enders. I was so beat by the time they came on, as I was running on only five hours of sleep from the night before. They took forever to set up, but once they got done they were wearing beach shirts. They played some beach music as the intro and between a few songs. Haha, it didn't top when they dressed up like Street Fighter characters at Strhess Fest. Anyway, a lot of people were being really fucking dumb by this time and it was so crowded. I still had a lot of fun, though. They played great. I still had more fun last time they came, though. Less people = more fun.

After the show I found Jason and we went to go buy some stuff. I got Cephalic Carnage - Anomalies on vinyl, and some Between The Buried And Me pins. I was so pumped when I opened my copy of Anomalies. It was clear vinyl, and clear was limited to only 100.

We didn't get home until 12:45 am. It was such a fun time.

Just a bit stranger. [9/27/05; 02:55pm]
I was supposed to have my sculpture done by Thursday for sculpture class. Well, it wasn't. He gave us another day. I still didn't get it done. It's tuesday, and none of the soldering is done. :-/. I need to get that done.

I'm really excited for Hypermagic Mountain (the new Lightning Bolt record). Maybe another tour will follow the release of that. That would be rad since I missed them last time they came by, like an idiot.

I made a recordnerd list. To see it, click here. Realize that it is not complete by any stretch of the imagination.

Sean is moving on Saturday to Ohio City. Once he moves and gets his new job sorted out, we are going to start on a new noise project. I'm really, really excited. It's going to be fun to work on something with him.

What else has been going on? I ordered more records. I can't wait for them to arrive. I am getting more work done on my zine. I need to get that completed. It's taking a lot longer than expected because of lack of free time. Ohwell, it'll get done.

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